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About Us

Concordia Ltd. produces polyester coil zippers, invisible zippers and metal zippers, bands for dress goods industry, elastic bands, strings, metal buttons and clasps. The company was established in 1967 as producers co-operative, and continued in 1989 as limited company. At the beginnings only metal zippers were produced and ready-made. Since 1990 its highly developing, and the company moved to its factory planned and built for zipper manufacturing near Budaörs in 1991. During very short period also the whole machinery for producing metal and polyester spiral zippers was developed.

  • The machinery contains the following:
  • Producing, fitting and painting metal components
  • Weaving textile bands
  • Producing fastening chain
  • Producing polyester coil fastening chain
  • Textile dyeing
  • Making polyester coil zippers and metal zippers ready

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Technical developing is continuous. Main task is to introduce the new technology as soon as possible. Concordia Ltd. is the first and only company in Hungary, who produces invisible zippers. Therefore satisfying extraordinary needs is also very important.

  • Open end polyester coil zippers and metal zippers with double slider.
  • Polyester coil zippers with high strength type RT20 and RT30 in closed and also in open end format, for bearing force (rucksacks, tents, canvases).
  • Metal zippers type VT25 also in closed and open end format for special dress goods (for example leather cloth

In the textile dyeing and painting factory dyeing not only according to Concordia’s own color card, but with the customer’s own card of with common standard color cards (Pantone® Textile Color, etc.) is also possible. There are no extra costs in using unique colors. Computer technology and spectrophotometer are used in mixing color receipts and controlling of colors.

  • Concordia Ltd. also produces other raw materials for dress goods industry:
  • Elastic bands with 6-50 mm width, in several format.
  • Textile bands (linen ribbons, twill tapes, rep tapes, piping ribbon).
  • Strings.
  • Metal buttons and clasps.
  • Producing according to unique needs is also possible:
  • Designing and manufacturing fasteners with unique subscriptions and logos.
  • Designing and manufacturing fasteners with unique format and shape.
  • Producing non-series textile bands, strings and elastic bands regarding technological possibilities.
  • Producing non-series zippers.

Concordia Ltd. sells imported and Hungarian made dress goods accessories from its own wholesale shop, just as the following:

  • Velcroes
  • String-clamps
  • Pins, hooks
  • Press-studs
  • Weaved labels
  • Plastic and metal buttons

Since 2001 Concordia Ltd. works according to the ISO9001 standards. Nowadays ISO9001:2008.