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Layout of zippers, technical terminology


Textile tapes: pair of weaved, dyed textile bands. Concordia zipper tapes are made of polyester. Polyester – cotton and pure cotton tapes can be produced according to the needs.

Fastening chain: double line of fastening parts, fixed on pairs of tapes. The connection of the fastening chains entrust the required lifetime and capacity.

  • On plastic zippers (type RT) the fastening chain is a spiral plastic chain made of polyester monofilament. The spirals are sewed on the tapes.
  • On metal zippers (type VT) the fastening chain is a row of metal tooth, which are pressed on the textile bands one by one. They are made of yellow brass, aluminum or German silver.

Slider: metal item made of several parts to open and close the fastening chain, made of zinc-based die casting alloy with lacquer or galvanic cover. According to function and mechanic the slider can be automatic or loose.

  • Auto lock slider: to avoid non-requested opens, a spring is built in the slider which opens automatically when using the zipper.
  • Non lock slider: there is no spring in the slider.

Bordering parts: the sliders path are limited with top and bottom stops.