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In Concordia’s factory all machinery for manufacturing metal and polyester coil zippers are available. The main parts are the following:

Weaving factory

Different types of zipper ribbons, textile bands, elastic bands, strings are produced here using polyester, polyamide, polypropylene and cotton threads; natural and synthetic elastic rows.

gepA5_2 gepA5_1

Sewing factory

Several types of plastic zippers are made from monofilament wire, sewing thread, and textile band.

gepA5_11 gepek02

Metal zipeer factory

Metal fastening chain, the main raw material of metal zippers is made of copper, antic copper, aluminum, German silver and colored textile bands.

factory_metalzipper_1 factory_metalzipper_4

Textile dyeing factory

Dyeing, drying, and ironing textile materials (zippers, tapes, bands, threads).

gepA5_10 gepA5_3

Die-casting factory

Molten parts of metal zippers (slider, holder, etc.); metal buttons, clasps are made here of zinc-based die-casting alloy.

Slider factory

Composing and ready-making several types of sliders.

Paint factory

Painting metal contents using epoxy based paints.

Ready-making and packaging factory

Putting the metal and plastic zippers ready, cutting sizes, controlling and packing.

Quality controlling laboratory

Controlling and examining purchased raw materials, half-finished and finished goods.

factory_laboratory_2 factory_laboratory_3