How to sew zippers

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How to sew zippers

Fixing clothes and home textiles happens usually with zippers. We can find different types of zippers for different textiles and different shapes. Thickness of the textile and the shape of the ready product are very important when choosing zippers.

Sewing traditional zippers

When sewing the zippers note, that the slider needs free space to move properly. If the sewing is too closed to the fastening chain (tooth), the slider can harm the sewing. Therefore count some free space on both sides of the zipper bands and be careful in ordering the fastening chain.

The length of the zipper can be amended when using plastic zippers with cut. The zipper can be used without raw or top stop as well, if the end of the band is sewed to the textile. Metal zippers can be cut too, with using pliers to remove the metal parts.

Sewing invisible zippers

To sew invisible zippers, special sewing support or universal invisible zipper-sewer support should be used. Modern sewing-machines include these supports. The invisible zipper should be min. 2 cm longer then the slashing is, and it should be sewed into the totally open slashing (before sewing the bottom of the slash). Open the zipper and hold the spiral itself with our thumb to see the sewing between the textile band and the spiral part. Put the open zipper non-face on the right side of the textile on the first side of the slash. To sew right on the marked line, size the distance between the band and the textile (tolerance – 1 cm wide for the band). Fix the upper part of the zipper with pins, the under part of the zipper goes through the slashing. Put the sewing support on the zipper, needle stands on the left side of the spiral. Sew the band from up to down and close the zipper. Put the other side of the zipper non-face on the right side of the textile and pin the upper end. Open the zipper, put the sewing support on it with needle on the left side of the spiral. Sew the band again and close the zipper.