Colors of textile products

Colors of textile products

The products of Concordia Ltd. (zippers, textile bands, elastic bands, strings, ropes) are available of any color. Ordering different products in the same color and shade is also possible (for example zipper and string in the same color).

When ordering unique colors we recommend to attach a color sample of 5cm * 5 cm size to each to achieve the best result. If the sample is not available, please choose form Concordia Color Catalogue, or from the table below:

Color standards to be used
PANTONE TEXTIL Color Selector Cotton EditionPantone, Inc.
PANTONE TEXTIL Color Guide Paper EditionPantone, Inc.
TZMA Color Card 2001Taiwan Zippers Manufacturers Association
DOR TAK Color CardDOR TAK Thread Manufacturing Ltd.
COATS astraCoats (U.K.) Limitid
COATS GRALCoats (U.K.) Limitid
COATS european colour referenceCoats (U.K.) Limitid
COATS moon "c"Coats (U.K.) Limitid
COATS EUROCARDCoats (U.K.) Limitid

Concordia Color Catalogue

 A  B  C  D  E
1extra white 1Lax 1lemon yellow 1Rattan 1baby blue
2optical white 2rose 2yellowish beige 2light mildewgreen 2water blue
3natural white 3peasant rose 3salmon 3dark mildewgreen 3light turquoise
4natural ecru 4fuxia 4orange 4sand 4pale turquoise
5ecru 5mallow 5russet orange 5greyish beige 5miller blue
6pale beige 6dark mallow 6tiger lily 6elm 6storm grey
7egg-shell 7rose 7coral red 7fleash-pink 7ballad blue
8beige 8heather 8strawberry 8powder 8cloud blue
9champaigne 9violet rose 9geranium red 9dark powder 9water grey
10porcelain 10red fuxia 10persian red 10faded rose 10fog grey
11peach 11dark orchidea 11wine red 11sienna 11arctic
12baby rose 12red prune 12chili 12leather brown 12violetish grey
 F  G  H  I  J
1lilac 1pidgeon grey 1tulip violet 1cobalt 1evening dawn blue
2aquamarin 2shade grey 2violet 2azure 2mediterranean blue
3light aquamarin 3sesame 3dahlia violet 3peacock blue 3royal blue
4rose quartz 4rose ash 4bluish lavander 4ceramics green 4strong blue
5cocoa brown 5light grey 5dark lavander 5lagoon 5sailor blue
6greyish blue 6toob 6middle violet 6benetton 6alpine blue
7middle grey 7ash grey 7stamp violet 7tropics green 7ink blue
8graphite grey 8slag grey 8Dózsa violet 8padoga blue 8gentian blue
9steel grey 9bluish grey 9dark violet 9pot blue 9indigo blue
10tin grey 10laurel 10pansy violet 10greyish blue 10navy blue
11dark gull grey 11smoke grey 11the first blush of dawn 11steel blue 11dark blue
12marsh grey 12purple sage 12greyish violet 12sky blue 12deep dark blue
 K  L  M  N  O
1kiwi green 1almond 1wine grounds 1midnight sea 1sun yellow
2poplar green 2turkey 2greyish violet 2zinc grey 2chardonnay
3bermuda green 3natural 3cranberry 3black 3young wheat
4mint green 4white coffee 4whortleberry 4sulphur yellow 4lemonade
5dynasty green 5camel 5iced coffee 5wild lemon 5jasmine green
6biliard green 6fawn 6light olive 6tomato 6banana green
7grass green 7red brown 7ivy 7flamingo 7lettuce
8foliage green 8mink 8pine 8feather grass 8pearl
9bottle green 9cappucino 9greenish blue 9willow 9lively blue
10poison green 10coffee brown 10gobelin blue 10mildew green 10bluish violet
11biscay bay 11fir-cone 11forest green 11silver grey 11bear brown
12cadmium green 12chocolate 12antrazit 12basalt grey 12ground ginger
 P  Q  R    
1miniral blue 1bright blue 1palace blue 1 1
2storm blue 2middle blue 2crimson 2 2
3light mustard 3heather violet 3blue steam 3 3
4neon green 4pale kiwi green 4hunter green 4 4
5fern green 5red portoy 5flint grey 5 5
6pale yellow 6tile red 6green fragrance 6 6
7golden wool 7bog green 7pink lavander 7 7
8pearl grey 8honeyed mustard 8raspberry cream 8 8
9stone grey 9foggy moon 9chow 9 9
10ice blue 10pale dew 10ketchup 10 10
11violet 11mustard 11saffron yellow 11 11
12red burgundy 12blue shade 12 12 12

The colors below are only for your kind information. Regarding technical facts the color in the screen or in printing will be only similar to the original one. Please do not choose color based on this.

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