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Design, choose

To use the right type of zipper here are some useful tips. During planning textile products the planner has to decide the type of the zipper, too. The main respects are the following:

Raw materials

Regarding the estimated end-use, first the raw materials of the fastening chain and band should be decided. The band is made of: plastic (polyester).

Raw materials for fastening chains:

  • Metal (brass, aluminum, nickel silver, antic metals) VT types
  • Coil zipper (polyester) RT types

All types of fastening chains can be used for dress products, the main points are the ergonomic and aesthetical reasons. For products used outdoor (for example tents) plastic fastening chain is suggested because of their water resistance.
Plastic zippers are useful also in chemical interior.
For jeans products and other hard usage metal zippers are common.

Size, lifetime

The size of the zipper is determined regarding the estimated deflecting force and lifetime. The required dates can be viewed in the product catalogue, based on the standards of MSz 8813/1.


The plastic and metal zippers are made in several different format, varying the raw and top stops and the sliders.

Auto lock sliders: the slider is locked, protected from opening between the limited length of the zipper. Moving the holder means the automatic unlocking. This technology is used for example in trousers.
Non lock sliders: no lock. Used in leather industry.
Closed bottom stops: the bands are fixed at the end of the zipper, the bottom stop limits the path of the slider.
Open end bottom stops: the bands of the zipper can be open and re-close. Use it in jackets.
Double slider, double top stops (type X): the two ends of the zipper are open the zipper between the two sliders is closed.
Double slider, double bottom stops (type O): the two ends of the zipper are closed, the zipper between the two sliders is open.
Double slider, top stops and open end eyes: the end with the top stops is fixed, the zipper between the two sliders is closed.

RUHA_VT5_001 RUHA_RT10_002

Aesthetical requirements

The product and the fixed zipper should be harmonic and aesthetic, satisfying the actual mode. Therefore the zinc alloyed zippers can be produced in several different shapes. The slider can be painted or galvanic covered.

Invisible zippers are new products, the sewed parts are hidden.


Concordia produces zippers in a wide range of colors, which can be choose with the help of color samples. Unique colors also can be ordered.

Ergonomics, hygienic

Making clothes it is also very important that the product must be used comfortably by the customer. Therefore in underwear products for example using metal zippers is not the best solution.

According to the last researches, nickel itself, which is used for galvanic covers can cause allergic reaction on skin. To avoid such problems using zippers without nickel can help.


Planning the product’s price means calculating also with the zipper’s price. In the price list all prices are available.