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Quality management

Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015

Nowadays trusting in a company can be even harder if the partner has audited quality control in production and for its products, which is ISO 9001 standard in most cases. The trust is based on the fact, that these companies are clearer, the work is more concentrated, customer service is better, the quality of the products is better.

Quality policy has significant role in Concordia’s policy, which is based on mostly the quality-control system according to international standards, working under recent control and audit. Results, tasks and the system’s harmony are controlled by the management. Analyzing the manufacturing path, examining the organization of the production, choosing the right decision with learning the facts, make the work perfect.

The quality policy is obligatory for every employee, who controls continuously the main parameters of the produced item during production. Searching for the perfect solutions to manufacture perfect products the Concordia goods are made in the right quality. To reach the quality aims the employees are trained recently.

Since May 2001 the
quality management system of Concordia Ltd.
works according to the ISO 9001 standards.