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Handling textile products

To protect the original characteristics of Concordia’s textile products (zippers, ribbons, strings, etc) keeping the handling rules is very important. The non-suitable handling in washing, bleaching, dry cleaning, drying, ironing can harm the material. All orders can be found in all product’s own page in pictograms:

A kezelési szimbólumok értelmezése
Machine_Wash_60CWashThe number in the cauldron means the highest washing temperature. The line under the cauldron means the softest washing procedure.
Iron_High_HeatIronThe highest ironing temperature is marked with points:
••• 200°C
Iron_Medium_Heat•• 150°C
Iron_Low_Heat• 110°C
Bleach_When_NeededBleachBleach When Needed
Do_Not_BleachDo Not Bleach
Dryclean_Any_SolventDry-cleanA -» Dry-clean, any solvent allowed
Dryclean_Any_Solvent_Except_TrichloroethyleneP -» Dry-clean, any Solvent except Trichloroethylene
Dryclean_Petroleum_Solvent_OnlyF -» Dry-clean, petroleum solvent only
Tumble_Dry_Normal_Low HeatDryTumble dry allowed
• Tumble dry, normal, low heat
Tumble_Dry_Normal_Medium_Heat•• Tumble dry, normal, medium heat


Important notes:

  • Close the zipper in its whole length before washing.
  • Do not iron the fastening chain.
  • The antique pated metal zippers can harm the soft colored textiles.
  • Wearing off clothes with zipper requires more care. Chemicals and temperature that can harm the zipper itself should be avoided. The zipper can be sewed down during the wearing off to protect its mechanical function.