RT0 long chain polyester coil zipper [RT0 – FM]

RT0 long chain polyester coil zipper [RT0 – FM]

Available sliders

Auto lock sliders
Non lock sliders

*Bed cloth slider, made of plastic.


Technical information

Raw materials
Fastening chainpolyester monofilament
Textile tapepolyester yarn
Geometrical characteristics (1)
Width of fastening chainb4,10 – 4,25 mm
Width of zipperB22,00 – 26,00 mm
Tape widtht11,00 – 13,00 mm
Monofilament diametero0,50 mm


Functional characteristics (1)
Slider moving force< 4 N
Locking force> 45 N
Mechanical characteristics (1)
Lateral strength of fastener> 350 N
Strength of puller attachment> 70 N
Mechanical characteristics (1)
Tearing strength of zippers tired with 300 tiring section (open-close) was not less then 90% of the standards without tiring.
Color fastness (1)
Color fastness to light7MSZ 2102-2
Color fastness to washing 60°C5/5/5MSZ EN 20105 CO 3
Color fastness to dry cleaning5/5MSZ 2104-1
Color fastness to perspiration (alkaline, acid)5/5/5MSZ 2105-4
Color fastness to dry/wet rubbing5/4-5MSZ 2111-1

(1) According to the following standards: MSZ 8813/1, MSZ 8813/2, DIN 3417, DIN 3418, and DIN 3419-1. The tests were made by Concordia’s own laboratory. The verification tests were made by ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Ltd.’s (KERMI) laboratory.

(2) Colour fastness exams were made in ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Ltd.’s (KERMI) laboratories.

Human ecology information

Handling, usage

Suggested end-use areas

leather products, covers, furnishings, cushion covers, bedclothes.

Handling requirements
Dryclean Any Solvent Except TrichloroethyleneWashing at 60 degreeDo not bleachTumble dry, normal, low heatIroning max. 150°C



LengthNet. price
1 m0,19 €
2 m0,38 €
25 m4,75 €
100 m19,02 €
200 m38,03 €

Minimum order quantity: 25m per color.
Minimum order in case of unique color: 200m per color.
Currency: EURO

Figyelmeztetés ikon Warning

We can’t guarantee that this type of zip fastener is exactly suitable for your application so you should always make tests with the affected product. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.